Wendy H. Weiss, MA, RD

GS2014 7As a nutrition communicator, I am uniquely qualified to answer the tough nutrition questions your customers are asking, while building the healthy side of your brand reputation.

  • I take scientific information and turn it into consumer-friendly content that educates, informs and drives choice
  • I provide a steady stream of educational materials to highlight your brand or menu attributes and market your value
  • I execute influencer and publicity opportunities that get you noticed
  • I offer menu counseling and perform recipe nutrition analysis

I like to believe that I offer a trifecta of skills in scientific writing, brand marketing intuition, and most importantly a personable disposition, which in the end makes our work together easy and your brand shine.

Hire me as your Nutrition Communications Officer.

Reach out for my availability and rates.

I am a Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


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Registered dietitian with a career history in nutrition and health communications looking to support your brands with credible science, creative ideas and perfectly executed outreach to your target audience.