Wendy H. Weiss, MA, RD

Communicating Nutrition

GS2014 7Wendy  Weiss is a registered dietitian working in nutrition communications. Her work is primarily showcased within the public relations industry, where she helps deliver nutrition messaging on point to various target audiences of food and wellness brands, furthering their business objectives. Her communication programs leverage relevant nutrition science and build the credibility brands need with consumers,  health professionals, influencers and their peers.

Wendy’s work is freelance and assignment-based, which affords her the opportunity to touch a tremendous variety of exciting programs and health-related professionals.  Typical assignments that Wendy handles routinely:

  • Trend spotting – Nutrition science
  • Scientific symposia – Craft, hire, execute
  • Nutrition and science writing – Translate science to lay press, ghost-writing, web content, blogroll material, media, B2B and consumer materials
  • Core PR – Pitching, hosting special events
  • Mapping and auditing influencer sets, outreach
  • Crisis management – written response sets, key messaging, press materials, training
  • Food labeling – Claims, nutrition analysis, recipe/menu support
  • Client support/counsel

Wendy offers a trifecta of skills in scientific writing, brand marketing intuition, and most importantly her personable disposition, which in the end makes your work easy and your brands shine.


Please contact Wendy for her availability and rates.

I am a Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


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Publicizing Nutrition Science